Thomas Kim: Φτιάξε μια Ηλεκτροστατική Γεννήτρια Wimshurst

1.  Toepler-Holtz electrostatic generator replica

This is a Toepler-Holtz electrostatic generator. (aka Voss machine)
It is made of CDs, HDD spindle motor(hand-crank shaft), Plastic bottle, Rubber band, Aluminum tape and copper wire.
The rotating disk shaft from laser printer.
This clip shows leyden jar spark, Franklin's Bell, Volta's hailstorm and electrostatic motor experiments.
This is very cheap & easy electrostatic generator for school experiment.

CD guide picture :
CD&Bottle Wimshurst Machine :


2. Plastic bottle and CD Wimshurst Machine

A Wimshurst machine made of CD, Plastic bottles, Aluminum tape
The conductive brush used in this project from laser printer.
00:00~01:31 - Wimshurst machine running
01:32~END - How it made (key process)

CD eraser :
CD guide picture :
Another electrostatic generator :



 3. CD Wimshurst Machine

CD Wimshurst Machine made of two CDs & Plastic bottle & Cooling Fan motor

It produce 36,000V (Gap distance is 1.2cm)

Dielectric Strength of air is 3kV/mm ;



4. Voss machine and Dr.Pepper

Voss machine is electrostatic generator.
Materials : Aluminum tape, acrylic board, PET bottle(capacitor), CD, computer Cooling FAN
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5. Electrostatic generator made of HDD components

This is static electric generator.
It is constructed on the same principle as the Voss machine (Lord Kelvin's Replenisher).